Inclusion in it's most basic form

The Able Table has a friendly and inviting design that allows educators, parents and caregivers alike to provide nurturing hand-over-hand assistance in a comfortable space. Seating up to 4 wheelchair users and 4 care staff or peers. 
All Able Tables are available in both static and adjustable models to accommodate wheelchairs of all shapes and sizes. The specially designed shape provides ample space for every variety of group activity.

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Adjustable Able Table
Adjustable Able Table
Compact Able Table
Forbo Colour Finish
Sensory Able Table
Art Therapy Able Table


"A simple idea that's transforming lives"

The Able Table's universal design allows a carer, teacher, or parent to easily offer hand over-hand assistance, whilst in an everyday, inclusive and comfortable setting. From an operational standpoint the table is designed to greatly ease the work involved in caring by allowing ease of access and comfort. The Able Table is not only empowering to the user it is also inclusion in it’s most basic form.


All of our Able Table's are manufactured with best-in-class materials to make sure each design is just right. We are proud to put our stamp of approval on every one of our goods and are sure that you will be satisfied with the results. Check out some of our Able Tables below.


Able Table Adjustable

The Adjustable Able table can raise from 64cm to 94cm, easily and in seconds with the touch of a button. The perfect fit for wheelchairs of all shapes and heights.

Able Table Sensory

With 4 removable cutouts and 4 basin inserts the Sensory Able Table allows for easy to clean and easily accessible sensory work and messy play.

Able Table Compact

This 4 seater Able Table is perfect for smaller rooms and residential settings. Seats up to 2 wheelchair users and 2 peers. Also available in an adjustable model. 


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